John Wilson for Congress

Ohio's 16th district

John Wilson for congress



I am anti-Trump, but it is not enough for an elected official to be against something. It is important to stand for high ideals. That is why I am for world peace, space travel, and balanced budgets. 

It sounds silly at first, I know. But think about how these concepts affect Ohio and the federal government. War is a possibility at hot spots around the world and we are living in an era of drones and nuclear weapons. No one wants war and the United States has drawn back its diplomacy and soft power. Belief in world peace is belief and support of diplomacy and the bureaucracies that support that diplomacy. 

Space travel already benefits Ohio in the form of Glenn Research Center, the 7,000 jobs it creates, and the 700 million dollar economic impact it has on our communities. Space travel is an industry in its infancy and there is no reason that the high paying jobs associated with the space industry shouldn't end up here. 

Balanced budgets are important because it makes fiscal sense to pay off debts and live within our limits. 

I am not saying that if you vote for me it will end war, bring about an era of peace and good will, lead to building starships that explore the galaxy, or free the government of debt so that it's able to functionally educate and provide health care for its people...... but it's a good start. 



  • OPIOID CRISIS: It's time to confront the reality of the American opioid crisis at the federal level and use every resource possible to help the people affected by it.
  • NET NEUTRALITY: Reinstate net neutrality so that people can continue to use the internet as equals. 
  • MATERNITY/PATERNITY LEAVE: It's time for America to join the rest of the modern world and offer maternity and paternity leave that puts families first.
  • ECONOMY: We must invest in the next generation of transportation and infrastructure to create jobs and connect economies.



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